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<h4>Save energy!</h4>
			<h3>Easy to get additional<br/>years warranty</h3>
			<p>Beyond 24 months, for all products bearing reference +3, Maxa offers the chance to extend  warranty on spare parts of further 3 years, through a wire bank transfer.<br/><br/>
			Please check all cost on the side table.<br/><br/>
			Not included: remote control, handwork, first call, transport, wear mterials and elevation  system.
				<b>1</b> Additional warranty years are strictly connected to the puntcual wire bank transfer according to each unit type.<br/><br/>
				<b>2</b> As per reason for payment it must be necessarily indicated the serial number of the  indoor unit/s purchased.<br/><br/>
				<b>3</b> When the purchase includes more than one unit the additional years warranty will become valid only if executed for all products.<br/><br/>
				<b>4</b> The warranty period will become effective from invoice date. <br/><br/>
				<b>5</b> Your product is covered by the warranty during the 24 months from invoice date, extra 3 years will be added and consequently recognized free spare parts and eventual defected components.<br/>
				<b>6</b> In case of repairs of the unit or components replacements, warranty period will not be effected in any manner.<br/><br/>
				<b>7</b> The wire bank transfer has to be executed within the 24 months, as per standard european warranty period.</p> Warranty


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